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Stump Grinding

Are you wondering what the cost is of having a stump removed?


First look at the benefits of having a Birmingham, Alabama stump grinding company came out to grind the stump. Benefits of stump grinding are:


  • Removes unsightly, unwanted and dangerous stumps
  • Stumps are hard to mow around
  • The attract unwanted critters like bees, ants, and termites
  • It will increase curb appeal and home resale value
  • Recover lost yard space for leisure and landscaping
  • Creates valuable mulch that’s useful for landscaping or composting
  • No dangerous chemicals for pets or children



stump-removalMany home owners may find themselves with an old stump in their yard that has become unsightly over time. It may be in various stages of decay, which means it could harbor some dangerous molds. They will likely want to look in to stump grinding services in Birmingham, Al , but may not know where they should look. There are actually many different types of stump grinding or tree service companies in Birmingham that home owners can choose from in their area. It will be important to find the right company at the right price for them. To do this may take a little comparison shopping between some of the different options that are out there for them.



The first thing they will need to do is make sure they know what kind of stump grinding service they will need. They may only have one stump in their back yard that needs to be dealt with by a Birmingham Al stump grinding crew. But if they have an expansive property with many different types of stumps, it could take a larger operation. There is no need to contact the various stump grinding companies in their area to get advice on how to handle this  situation, because we can handle it all from the stump removal to the Land Clearing and Leveling.



Many home owners will be curious to know how these companies tend to price these Birmingham stump grinding jobs. There are actually many different factors at play when they offer a quote for stump removal for you. They will want to know how wide the stump is before they take the job. This is because they often price by the diameter, or the length from one end of the stump to the other. They may also charge more for young stumps, because they typically have tougher and more durable root structures that are difficult for stump grinding machines.



Finally, some home owners may opt to actually rent their own stump grinding machines in Birmingham, Vestavia, Hoover, Homewood, Irondale, Chelsea, Pelham or Alabaster.They should be aware that these are heavy duty pieces of machinery. They will need to be prepared to tackle multiple different angles of the stump with the grinder. It would be best if they didn’t attempt this job unless they were confident they could handle it. Otherwise, it may be a better idea to simply hire a local Jefferson or Shelby County stump grinding team to remove the stump.Make sure to carefully weigh the stump grinding options you may have available. Owning our own stump grinding equipment makes our affordable rates a low cost alternative and much more efficient than renting a stump grinder!



Free Stump Grinding Quote Estimates are available by phone, but the owner prefers to be there in person just like he is while supervising all tree service and stump grinding projects.