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Tree Services

tree removalTrees are both susceptible be being damaged and causing damage during a heavy storm. However, keeping trees healthy and well maintained helps reduce that risk. Properly placed trees can even help deflect strong winds, protecting the surrounding property. You can read the Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s article, “What Causes Tree Failure in Storms” here.

Our tree care and pruning services help keep your trees vibrant and strong, reducing the risk of costly damage in the future. There are many benefits to pruning and regular maintenance including:
• Diseased or storm-damaged trees and branches are removed
• The crown is thinned to promote new growth and better air circulation
• The height of the tree is reduced to prevent further damage
• Obstructed lower branches are removed
• The tree is given symmetry and shape

When a storm does strike, call us for safe, 24 hour tree removal. We accept insurance claims for any storm damage and will make sure that your home or business is left free of debris with our complete, no mess clean up.

Call KM Professional Tree Service in Birmingham, AL at (205) 965-2821.

While not as routine as pruning, crown reductions removes upper branches to reduce height. This may be performed if a tree is at risk of wind stress. The canopy may also be thinned to improve light conditions for lower branches. If you have a tree that could benefit from a crowning service, call us. We will safely remove the necessary branches while maintaining the shape of the tree.

  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Dangerous Tree Removal
  • Dead Tree Removal
  • Diseased Tree Removal
  • High Risk Tree removal
  • Emergency Storm Services
  • Land Clearing and Leveling
  • Crane Work
  • Bobcat Work
  • Insurance Claims
  • Cabling and Bracing
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Lot Clearing or Site Prep
  • Tree Health Assessment
  • Debris Removal
  • Quick Response Emergency Tree Removal
  • Demolition
  • Excavation Service
  • Grappling Service
  • Shrub Removal
  • Home and Structure Demolition
  • Grading Work
  • Bucket Trucks and crane services


Large tree removals at Vestavia Country Country Club.